• What is a c-type? -  The digital C-type print is also known as a Lambda or a Light Jet print. It is created using digital exposure systems and RGB lasers to expose light-sensitive material. This produces a latent image that is then developed using conventional photographic chemicals.
  • What is a salt print? - A process which goes back to the very dawn of photography, Salt Printing follows Fox Talbot's original method of forming light sensitive silver salts within the surface of a paper. This is then exposed by contact printing to a same sized negative to produce a luscious & unique warm-brown print.
  • What is a silver gelatin print? -The finest traditional print, produced from a photographic negative. Hand prints are made in an enlarger, which holds the film negative for light to be projected through onto a choice of light-sensitive photographic papers. Black and white photo papers are commonly known as silver gelatin or bromide darkroom papers.
  • Can I have my print framed? - Yes you certainly can have your print framed. All the prints online are sold unframed. However, there is a option to have us contact you regarding framing options, as there are many variations. We can then discuss framing with you and ship you your framed print.

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