Camden Square, 30th July 2011

Amy died on 23rd July 2011. All the papers could write about during the following week was Amy’s death. I lived the other side of Camden at the time, so decided I would take a walk across town to Camden Square with my dog Peg, to where the house was situated, where Amy lived, and died. It had been seven days, but there was still a crowd outside, paying their respects to their idol.

It was a hot day, I made a few laps to see all the tributes, to survey the scene before taking photos. There were lots of people there, some just sitting, thinking, most were crying. There were flowers, stuffed toys, make shift banners, magazine and newspapers showing features and articles on Amy. Fan’s artworks depicting the star were strewn around. Most noticeable where the amount of empty alcoholic drinks cans and bottles left almost as an offering, fans were ‘sharing a drink’ with her. Sad irony being that alcohol was what took Amy’s life. I didn’t stay long taking photos, I didn't feel it would have been right. I just wanted a record of the time which I believe I got. A few days later, thieves stole all the Camden Square road signs that had been covered in graffiti.