Amy Winehouse


Amy Winehouse

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Location: The Dublin Castle, London.

Date: April 2007

Photographer: Stuart Nicholls

Amy’s band was on stage but she was nowhere to be seen and now half an hour late, the over packed venue was beginning to creek and groan almost as loud as the crowd was booing. Then, the atmosphere changed. Replacing the boos were cheers and the sound of clapping hands as Amy was ushered through the melee by a few sturdy bodyguards as it’s the only way to the stage. She gets through still holding two half pints of what looked like Coke, what ever else was mixed in I will never know, she sat on the edge of the stage with a wry smile, directly in front of me waiting for a member of her band to give her a hand (as hers are full) up onto the stage... I grab the first shot of the night…

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