Iggy Pop

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Iggy Pop

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Location: V-Festival, Chelmsford.

Date: August 2007

Photographer: Stuart Nicholls

All the photographers at the festival wanted to photograph Iggy Pop, but there were too many! So we had to be ‘considered’ by the PR Company. Somehow I was one of the chosen 15. I wasn’t too fussed, I have never cared much for Iggy Pop’s music, I don’t dislike it, It just doesn’t do much for me. No mistaking though this was a photo opportunity not to be missed. The pit was tiny and I managed to get centre stage right in line with Iggy. It was frightening! Being inches from his boots with the aggressive show he puts on made me fear for my teeth. This photo to me sums up the raw energy and passion he has for what he does. Lust for Life? He has for his.

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