Open, and settled....

So here I am, open and settled in. LOVING my new little space in the heart of Hampstead. I opened on 1st October, but had quite a lot to sort out and officially opened probably about a week ago. Finishing all the little details and tweaks….


Lots of people have been stopping in to see what’s here and what’s going on, the vibe has been positive and only good things said.


So what’s here? Well, I have a few different collections, firstly, the AE250, ‘Artist Edition 250’ basically images of musicians on and off stage in an edition of 250 in various sizes, A4 up to A0. Find who you like here, from Amy Winehouse to Iggy Pop, if you can’t find what you like, ask, and I probably have it in my archive, just not printed yet.

The collection named ID500 are what I see every day, captured on whatever digital device I have at hand. These images are then digitally printed and displayed for you in either print form, A4 up to A2, and also, excitingly, greeting cards! Yes, you can buy them in the form of a quaint little card, to give to a friend for some special occasion. Christmas is coming up….. Maybe go for ‘Bad Santatrooper’ he likes a drink……


My top range of prints are special. Very Special. These days I photograph mainly on black and white film, like they did in the old days, I then develop the films myself, and print from the negatives by hand in a darkroom, like you see in films, when a photographer is developing a print only to see in the appearing image, a crime caught in the act…. ANYWAY… I haven’t caught a crime in the act in any of my images, my images are just lovely moments in time captured forever and printed lovingly by hand for you to hang on the wall and show off to anyone who visits you…. Well that’s how I see it. They are lovely prints though, and lovely images. All are very limited in editions, maximum of 50 prints per image available in different sizes.

As I progress I will be taking on other photographers prints, these will be displayed in the section named, ‘Contributed Prints’, who knows what will be in this section… It’s exciting right!?


Everything in the gallery is available unframed, in a mount, or framed in a display frame which is archival and acid free, I also have other various levels of framing, rising in price, ask about these when you visit.

So what are you waiting for? Come and visit me! I’ll be having a late night opening on Thursdays in December, AND a Saturday special opening to celebrate the gallery sometime in November/December. If you would like to be invited or just to keep up to date with the latest news, sign up to the newsletter here, invites will be sent out to who ever’s on the list… There will be free drinks and mince pies, yes, worth the effort just for those!!!!