Testing the Halina Micro 110

About a year ago I found on ebay a small camera I thought of as a ‘spy’ camera. It was tiny, I thought it might be fun to experiment with it. I wasn’t sure what I was in for as it took 110 film. 110 film is a paper backed film housed in a plastic cartridge. Each frame is 13 mm × 17 mm in size, about a quarter the size of a 35mm frame, very small. There are 24 exposures in each cartridge. The camera itself has no controls with a fixed focus plastic lens and a single shutter and aperture. I’m guessing by the looks of the images that the lens is set at around 35-50mm.


I bought the camera sometime early 2017. Autumn 2018 and the roll was finished, so a wide selection of images would be available in the experiment ranging from Summer, through Winter and back to Summer. I sent the cartridge off to the LomoLab. I decided on Development and scans, which once scanned would be available to me via a digital download. The negatives would arrive in the post a few days later. It said it would take 4-8 weeks for me to receive the scans and prints. This service cost me a grand total of £17. Not bad, it is after all a strange film type, and processed through the trendy LomoLab.

A few days under a month later, I received an email saying my scans were ready for downloading! An exciting start to my day.I was very interested to see what would appear from that experimental cartridge of film, if anything at all! Turns out it was a pleasant experience as all the frames at least had an image on them. So here are my favourite results and my conclusion…

(Click the images to enlarge)

These images above are all ‘as received’ from the LomoLab.

Each scan is a jpeg 2.1mb compressed. When opened in photo editing software it shows the image size as 6.12mb and 1690 x 1266 pixels in size.

Due to the cameras very cheap and fun construction, there are some very noticeable large scratches across the frames. All part of the fun of a ‘toy’ camera.

The plastic lens performs very well, as you see the images are quite sharp, and even shooting into the sun, it provides a good image with nice flare.

I have not printed from the scans as yet, but I can see they will print to an acceptable size given that the negatives are so small, maybe even A4.

All in all I am very pleased with the camera, and I will certainly be putting more rolls through it, as it happens I already have a few colour cartridges on their way to my front door!