Stuart Nicholls © Self Portrait

Stuart Nicholls © Self Portrait

PHOTOGRAPHER: Stuart Nicholls


I became interested in photography around 20 years ago. Throughout these years I have documented life. Whether life is a band on tour, people on the street or trees in a field, it all comes together to form a pictorial tree of memories.

While working with the company Rockarchive I blossomed my already budding skills as a fine art printer. Although highly skilled as a digital printer, in the darkroom under the red light is where I love to be. Printing to me is just as important as taking the photo, and the photograph is not complete until the negative has been secured in the enlarger and light, exposes the silver coated paper. It's magical. Working with art directors and photographers, I have built up testimonials that secure me as one of the most sought after printers in London.

My photography these days in predominantly black and white. Always analogue, producing rich tonal negatives. The saying 'film is not dead' will always ring true in my ears. Sometimes if the subject requires it I shoot colour transparency, the richness of colours can't be beaten.