Terry signing one of his prints of The Beatles. STUNICTSPEN001

Terry looking through a folder of negatives from his archive. STUNICTSPEN002

Terry Spencer

Location: Odiham, Hampshire, UK.

Date: 2009

Terence was born in 1918 during a Zeppelin raid in Bedford England. He took an engineering degree at Birmingham University, then WW2 claimed his skills as an RAF pilot. He was taken prisoner of war twice, blown up over the sea once, and had many narrow escapes, earning himself a DFC in the process.

After the war Terence ran a successful aerial photographic business outside Johannesburg with his actress wife, Lesley Brook. Terence started shooting for LIFE Magazine in 1952, covering African troubles such as Sharpville and the Congo revolution. He went on to do stories that took him to distant and often dangerous places, including Vietnam, the Middle East, and Cuba after The Bay of Pigs.

In 1963 he returned to England to photograph "Swinging London". Terence chronicled the Beatles phenomena as it was taking off, and produced a definitive book on the band, "It Was 30 Years Ago Today." He went on to shoot celebrity stories for PEOPLE Magazine which included portraits of stage and screen personalities, as well as politicians, writers and pop groups.

(Taken from CameraPress)

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